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With Caliber Paint, you will always get a quality job and a job completed on time. 


You may have heard the saying "the devil is in the details", when it comes to painting, the devil is in the prep work. About 90% of a good paint job is the prep work. 

Puttying, cleaning, caulking, masking, priming, second cleaning, double caulking, and finally painting. Not to mention all the different types of painter's tape and plastic coverings involved. Let us do it. 

Years of experience give Caliber the experience and efficient to give you a quality job, done on time.


Type of work we do:

new construction

Caliber has plenty of experience with new construction work and the stress that can come with building your dream home. We've been around enough to know color, sheen, and product to help you put the final touches on your new build. And expect the quality and workmanship of any Caliber Paint job. 


Maybe a disaster happened and you need help putting your house back together and into a home again, maybe it's time for an update, or maybe it's just time to cross one off of the "Honey Do-List" (trust us, call the professionals it's always worth it) 

Caliber has worked in the restoration field before and knows how to balance the process of living life and trying to put your house back to like it was. Let us help!  


Whether new construction or time for a exterior refresh,  it's a job we can do. We know what products will work best for a quality, long lasting job and know what kind of equipment is required to achieve it. 


The team at Caliber can help put unique touches in your home- feature walls, a front door that pops color, and even taking that white front door and painting it to look like a real wood door. Grain and knot holes and all!

Mantels and cupboards are always a good way to change it up!

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